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active again

2012-08-03 15:15:07 by WTFClock


I don't even think I have any friends on here. ;_; so ronery

Portal Security

2012-03-05 14:42:49 by WTFClock

Hell yeah.

The fuck

2012-03-05 01:09:54 by WTFClock

I am amazed by some of the shit that makes it through the portal.


2012-03-01 07:47:26 by WTFClock

It's been a while.


2010-09-15 21:16:35 by WTFClock

I got a call from my friend, saying my other friend was moving. I've known her for a really long time, and now I feel like shit.

Safety Patrol

2010-09-03 01:25:55 by WTFClock

Oops, I meant safety patrol.
8 Days total to get from Civilian to Safety patrol.

Portal Security

2010-09-03 01:07:09 by WTFClock

On the brink of portal security.
Total days:
Town watch: 3 days.
Scout: + 1 day
Portal security: +4 days.
Time: 8 days so far


2010-08-28 23:02:05 by WTFClock



2010-08-26 16:02:03 by WTFClock

Got to Town watch, then scout in 4 days.

Fuck to the yes.

2010-08-26 15:32:13 by WTFClock

Need to more b/s and I will have scout.
I got town watch in 3 days, scout hopefully 2 days. By the end of today.